About Us

PrashnaPatra is an online educational platform providing you with an idea of a new conventional learning and self-evaluating way. Breaking away from the traditional way of studying, we offer you new ways to focus more on technology and customization. You can interact with your chosen materials in a rather conceptual learning process.


PrashnaPatra focuses on making learning to be flexible while introducing the concept of e-learning. This way, you get to hop into your diffused state where all the wonders happen by providing a sense of comfortability. Learning here is where a student sits down and studies through a self-paced system complete on their own. There might be content delivered through video, a one-way interaction, or a two-way interaction. You can have better control over your educational advancements. Or, you can get easy access into meeting our teachers assisting you towards achieving a goal.


For every student, We are an online educational platform for you to venture out!

Connecting the dots in a student’s preparation for exams, tests, and more by providing a portal filled with educational content, necessary tools, and live instruction to view learning holistically. PrashnaPatra is an online library of all the question papers you will ever demand. It also offers users a self-paced system providing rendered one-way interaction or two-way interaction of learning depending upon the students.


PrashnaPatra serves the students in building a strong foundation toward educational attainment by providing a comprehensive and engaging online portal. Creating learning to be enduring, enabling students to make sense of the complexity of the topic. And the best overarching advantage of learning online is that it allows for exploration where users can jump in and get their resources immediately without registering.


We are an online educational platform to venture out for your study materials with a new convenient way of learning.




                                         Why PrashnaPatra works


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Conceptual learning


With Prashna Patras’ vast library of previous year’s question papers to select and analyze from, students can build a personalized way of learning, focusing on the needs of the subject.    Created by experts, PrashnaPatra’s library covers topics for all subjects. Free to access and familiarize from.   Connecting the dots between factual and conceptual levels of thinking. And making learning to be a haven for holistic education.